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…if you have to watch sports during your vacation…

I’ve always been a sports fan, although since moving to Playa Del Carmen, I’ve been obsessed with different sports.

In the States I was football mad.

For any Europeans reading, I’m talking about the one with the oval shaped ball where everyone tries to kill each other.

Since I’ve moved to Playa Del Carmen I’ve found some new sports.

Most notably, beach volleyball.

I can watch it all day, especially because it’s so popular with women in bikinis.

Bikini roller skating and bikini bike riding are also new spectator sports.

However, as much as these get me excited, sometimes I do have a craving for the old days and watching an important football game.

Fortunately, there are a few Playa Del Carmen sports bars where you can watch all the action.

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Map of the Best Sports Bars In Playa Del Carmen

Here is a map that will help you easily find all the sports bars here. None of them are too far from each other, so you can stroll around the city and see what each is offering.


What Sports Do Mexicans Watch?

Mexicans are completely obsessed with soccer.

They go absolutely crazy (and I really mean absolutely crazy) whenever Mexico is playing.

They also go pretty mental when there is any kind of soccer on the TV screen, particularly the Mexican and Spanish leagues.

If 1000 naked women were walking past the window, the locals wouldn’t even take their eyes off the round ball for a single second.

Perhaps you know nothing about soccer. I don’t. Mexicans always give me sh*t about it.

But then again, it doesn’t matter.

In fact, who really cares what Mexicans watch. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not Mexican!!

You’re a tourist and this website is for YOU!

If Mexico is playing, then go watch a game in a dive of a local bar. BORING!

Mexico has never won the World Cup anyways, and the only time they play good is when they’re playing against the US (where soccer is for children and pre-teens).

Mexico does about as good in the Olympics–a country of a 110 MILLION people who only win a few medals a year.



  • US: 103 medals won
  • CANADA: 18 medals won
  • MEXICO: 8 medals won

Far less than half of what Canada wins – with Mexico having more than THREE TIMES THE POPULATION!!!



  • US: 28 medals won
  • CANADA: 25 medals won

110 MILLION people with ZERO WINS!!! Can anyone say L…O….S….E…R…S??? You can see the Olympic medal results here for 2012 and 2014.

It doesn’t make sense to me, but Mexicans will still go on and on about how “great” their country is (and how “dumb” I am for not watching soccer…..idiots).

Anyways……If a Mexican bar has a TV, then it will either be showing some crap soccer game or you can assume that it is broken.

Fortunately there are four Playa Del Carmen sports bars which are tailored more towards foreigners.

Between them, you can find just about every single sport you can imagine.

Except for beach volleyball…but you know where to find that right?

Playa Del Carmen Sports Bar 1 – Tequila Barrel

Tequila Barrel is a Playa Del Carmen institution.

There are very few partygoers who leave Playa Del Carmen without at least one night here.

It’s got an absolutely prime position, on 5th Avenue, between Calles 10 and 12.

You don’t have to like sports – Tequila Barrel is an excellent Playa Del Carmen people watching spot.

Inside they’ve got loads of TVs that are on all day, showing NFL, UFC, baseball, college sports, horse racing and just about anything that can be called sport.

To get people into the atmosphere, you can bet on any sport that’s being shown.

Tequila Barrel is pretty American, and the food and beer don’t win any prizes for authenticity.

But it’s good-sized, is usually packed, and is where a lot of people go to start their night out.

Their famous happy hour runs from 11am to 5pm.

So if there’s a big set of games you can get royally wasted.

And if you want to try your hand at cheerleading, then ladies can dance on the bar and get a free tequila shot.


There is even a live webcam on their website so you can check out what’s going on (but it requires crappy Java).

Tune in most Friday nights to see me falling off the bar stool.

Tequila Barrel Sports Bar Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: English Common Amongst Servers/Bartenders

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 873-1061 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website:

✉️ Email: (What kind of idiots use “hotmail” nowadays?)

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Every Day 9:AM – 1:30 AM

💰 Prices: Average 5th Avenue Prices

📍 Location: 5th Avenue between Calle 10 & 12

Playa Del Carmen Sports Bar 2 – Endzone (a.k.a. EZ Sports Bar)

Walk down 5th Avenue between Calles 12 and 14 and you’ll find Endzone.

As you can guess by the name, it’s American owned.

Football flags hang from the ceiling, and they’ll show just about anything on the big screen.

It’s not as big or busy as Tequila Barrel, which can be good if you’re looking for a place where everyone in the bar is totally focused on the game.

They don’t normally put up a schedule, but if you ask the manager in advance, he’ll find the sport you’re looking for.

It makes it particularly good for stuff like Nascar, F1, and NHL.

Again, the food’s not great.

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single woman here.

But if you just want sports, then Endzone is the place.

End Zone Sports Bar Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: English Not a Problem

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 803-1872 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website: Don’t have a website – this is Mexico!!!

✉️ Email: This business doesn’t use email. Do you see why Americans get frustrated here?

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Every Day 9:AM – 1:00 AM

💰 Prices: Reasonable Prices For Fifth Avenue

📍 Location: 5th Avenue between Calle 12 & 14

Playa Del Carmen Sports Bar 3 – PG’s Sandbox Bar And Grill

Out on Avenida 1 and Calle 26, this smallish bar has a load of TVs showing all the US sports.

It’s very popular with foreigners.

Hell, it’s almost exclusively foreigners (thank god).

It’s a place to come if you want to get away from the main strip and watch some football.

In Playa Del Carmen sports bars, you always end up meeting new people. You can almost count on it here.

Moreover, everyone is friendly!

But I know that when I’m hungover, I can’t be bothered with that, so I might come here if I want to watch a game.

And if you like greasy, American-style food, you’ll love what’s on offer here!

If you want decent food and sports combined in the same establishment, then you’re usually out of luck in Playa Del Carmen.

PG’s Sandbox Sports Bar and Grill Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: Everyone Speaks English

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 134-4468 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website: No website – taken by Chinese hackers

✉️ Email: No email – Mexican hackers fighting back…wait, Mexico doesn’t have hackers…too complicated…oops!

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Every Day 8:AM – 2:00 AM

💰 Prices: Reasonable Prices

📍 Location: 1st Ave & Calle 26

Playa Del Carmen Sports Bar 4 – Legends Sport Bar And Grill

Legends looks like the ultimate sports bar.

Team flags and scarfs hang from the ceiling, sports jerseys decorate the walls, and the bar staff often wear soccer shirts (the women also tie them up in that cute way that they have here).

Legends is popular with locals and foreigners and they show just about every sport.

There is a huge screen that’s always playing.

Just remember that if there is a big soccer game, then this will usually have priority on the big screen.

The beer is good and cheap, the food’s not bad (just don’t eat the hamburgers), and they often have a good atmosphere going on.

It’s probably my favorite Playa Del Carmen sports bar, just because they’ve combined a focus on sports with a good party vibe, but it’s still pretty cool.

Legends Sports Bar Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: English Spoken By Most Workers

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 803-0662 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website:

✉️ Email:

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Every Day 11:AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight)

💰 Prices: Lots of Beer/Drink Specials

📍 Location: Calle 16 between 10th Ave & 15th Ave

Anything Else About Playa Del Carmen Sports Bars

Don’t spend your entire vacation in a Playa Del Carmen sports bar.


There is some better sports action happening on the beach.

But nobody can miss their team playing!

Which Playa Del Carmen sports bar you choose really depends on whether your focus is:

  • Partying and betting – then go to Tequila Barrel
  • Getting really serious about the game – try Endzone
  • Watching it alone (often the case when your team is terrible!) – PG’s Sandbox Bar
  • A great atmosphereLegend’s Sports Bar and Grill

An exception is when Mexico are playing soccer.

Then it doesn’t matter where you go.

The match will be on everywhere and hundreds of locals will be screaming at the screen.

Enjoy…and hopefully your team isn’t as bad as my English buddies.

He’s just told me that his football (soccer) team has gone six weeks without scoring!

That’s almost as bad as my record with women!

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Do you know anything about sports bars in Playa that I don’t? Leave any tips or advice in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi Rufus! Thanks for the great info! My husband, myself, and two couples (six of us total) are going to be in Playa next month. If we make reservations for Tequila Barrel through you, do all 6 in our group get a drink, or just the person who made reservations?

    Thanks for doing what you do!

    • Marlene,

      Thanks for the message. In regard to your question, ALL OF YOU get a free welcome drink—NOT just the person making the reservations!

      I’m sure all of you are going to have a great time here, too.

      See you at one of the local sports bars (likely Tequila Barrel). Contact Monica if you need anything else!

      Lots of love,


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