Wedding in Playa Del Carmen All Inclusive

…what to do if you want a wedding with everything included…

Somebody told me an interesting stat the other day.

She said that there are thousands of couples who get married in Playa Del Carmen every year.


Imagine all those bridesmaids and single female wedding guests!

Why have I only seen something like 10 weddings in the whole year?

Then she said that most Playa Del Carmen weddings are happening at resorts to make sure people like me can’t recreate the Wedding Crashers movie.

A lot of weddings in Playa Del Carmen are in all inclusive resorts.

Some people love all inclusive resorts.

Could anywhere be more stress free?

Put your feet up, dial room service, and you don’t even have to worry about paying for it.

Others hate all inclusive resorts.

They find them expensive and restrictive.

But seen as I currently don’t have any wedding invites, I’m going to talk about having a wedding in Playa Del Carmen at a venue that is all-inclusive.

If you like the advice you can always invite me to your wedding!

Why Choose A Wedding In Playa Del Carmen All Inclusive

I definitely understand why people want to go all inclusive.

It removes 90% of all the headaches associated with planning a wedding.

Catering? Already sorted.

Photographer and videographer? Booked.

Florist? Make up? Live music? Chair covers?  Done. Almost everything is organized by the resort.

They have extremely experienced wedding planners who arrange hundreds of weddings every year.

Anything that could go wrong has already gone wrong, and they’ve found out how to deal with it.

All inclusive weddings in Playa Del Carmen are big business.

So the resorts who offer them are supreme professionals.

The all inclusive resorts have beautiful facilities.

They all have a nice strip of sand for the ceremony and some elegant rooms for the party and drinks afterwards.

Just because you choose all inclusive doesn’t mean you’re being boring or unoriginal.

Resorts offer customized packages so you’re wedding won’t be the same as the last couple who came through the doors.

Why Not To Choose A Wedding In Playa Del Carmen All Inclusive

All inclusive venues in Playa Del Carmen are definitely not for everyone.

For starters, they are expensive.

There is a cost us to sparing you all that stress and time.

Yes it’s great to have a non-stop supply of drinks but you could also be paying for other things that you don’t care too much about.

These weddings in Playa Del Carmen at all inclusive venues will use their own vendors and suppliers.

So couples don’t get much choice over who’s providing the entertainment, food, and decoration.

While you can customize the packages, you’re still limited to what’s on site at the hotel.

So if you wanted a cool original location for the ceremony, you might struggle.

Also, there are literally hundreds of amazing things to do in Playa Del Carmen.

An all inclusive wedding hotel will try and keep you at their facility.

That means you could be missing out on some of the things that attracted you to a wedding in Playa Del Carmen in the first place.

What’s Included In An All Inclusive Playa Del Carmen Wedding?

The name ‘all inclusive’ suggests that everything is included.

Which it pretty much is.

Certainly everything on the day.

You still need to get your own dress and rings.

But you knew that right?

The resort will arrange all the Mexican marriage requirements and paperwork.

This is a real help, particularly if you can’t read Spanish.

They’ll sort out every aspect of the ceremony, from the seat covers, the location, and most importantly, the man who says “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce that you are husband and wife…”

Food and drinks are included although you should really think about what package to go for.

The all inclusive wedding venues often encourage people to get more food than they need (so they make more profit).

Imagine a sit down meal at 5pm and then a buffet at 8pm. All your guests will be asleep at the tables!

The Role Of A Wedding Planner

Most importantly, the all inclusive Playa Del Carmen wedding resorts provide the services of a wedding planner.

This person is in charge of all the little details.

It’s their job to make sure that the day runs smoothly and without any hitches (although they can’t plan for the bride changing her mind and running off – The Graduate style).

So the wedding planner gets the cake set up, makes sure the room is decorated beforehand, gets the flowers delivered, has the drinks ready at the right time, etc., etc…

She (it’s almost always a she) is like a magic fairy who joins all the dots and crosses all the t’s.

Which All-Inclusive Venue To Choose

There are a number of all inclusive wedding venues in Playa Del Carmen.

When you look at their websites, they all look very similar.

There’s always a smiling couple, some text about a beautiful wedding on the beach, and some confusing prices.

Different venues will be more suited to different couples.

Some specialize in huge weddings with more pomp than a British royal wedding.

Others are more about elegance and intimacy.

I would recommend getting some local advice before deciding on a venue.

Brenda at Ajua Weddings is a wedding planner who’s been living in Playa Del Carmen for ~16 years.

She’s planned weddings at every possible venue in the Playa Del Carmen.

Send her an email or call her up for some advice.

She’s very kind and helpful and will give you an unbiased second opinion about a particular venue.

Anything Else About Wedding In Playa Del Carmen All Inclusive

Playa Del Carmen is beautiful.

It’s got to be one of the most memorable places to get married.

An all-inclusive wedding can be pricey.

But if time equals money, then it’s very good value.

Before you sign the contract and pay your deposit, make sure you know exactly what is included and what isn’t.

Nobody likes receiving an unexpected ‘extras’ bill.

Finally…relax, enjoy yourself, and if you’ve got any cancellations, then send me a message.

Lots of love,


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It’s your turn. Do you have any suggestions about all inclusive weddings? Please leave them in the comments section below!

4 comments on “Wedding In Playa Del Carmen All Inclusive

  1. looking for all inclusive for 8-12 people for wedding next June looking for simple elegant amenities
    that will not cost a fortune

    • Most Excellent Michelle,

      I just read the comment that you left on my website. Instead of giving you information that may not be accurate or may be outdated, I decided to forward your message to the best wedding photographers in the city.

      They should receive a copy of this message.

      They work with the resorts on a daily basis and know a lot more than I do about choosing a resort that matches your requests/needs.

      Because they have done so many weddings at such a variety of resorts, they can likely give you some advice about which resorts offer what and at what prices. I really like them because, more than anyone else in town, they take the time to answer any questions clients have and also do a great job at following up with clients long after their weddings.

      Moreover, if you decide to hire a wedding photographer while you’re here, I highly recommend them.

      You can read more about them on the following page:

      Matt phone: +52 1 (984) 130-0646
      Jasmine phone: +52 1 (984) 114-3386

      I hope this helps, Michelle, and I hope your wedding is as grand as can be.

      Lots of love….


      P.S. I do not get a commission for recommending them, so you can be sure this is an honest recommendation!

  2. Hi Rufus,
    My fiancé and I are planning to have our wedding in Playa de Carmen. Just wondering what’s your favorite resort in that area? any of them you think is nicer for the pictures. I appreciate your idea and time.


    • Yelping Yali,

      First of all, congratulations on your decision to get married in Playa del Carmen. This city has so much to offer newlyweds, it’s not even funny. Moreover, so many of the resorts are used to catering to weddings that they have become experts at dealing with everything involved with creating a memorable wedding.

      With that said, there are several resorts and several ideas that you may want to keep in mind when you’re planning your wedding.

      First, although I think most of the resorts here are quite beautiful and fun, you need to decide how far you want to be away from the city center. Of course, there are many means of transportation that can bring you to and from your resort and the city. However, some of them are so centrally located that convenience becomes a major advantage (or conversely, a disadvantage if they are far away).

      In regard to the weddings that I’ve seen, and the wedding parties that I’ve witnessed roaming around the city, there are two resorts that stand out in my mind.

      The first one is the Playacar Palace. It is located on the south end of town directly at the end of 5th Avenue. Because it is so close to 5th Avenue, everything is within walking distance and is very convenient for the bride, groom, and the wedding party itself. I don’t think they are very cheap, however. Nonetheless, I think they are a great choice if you have the money to spend, want some sort of exclusivity, and want everything very convenient.

      The other resort that I really love is The Royal. Again, it is centrally located, so everything is very convenient. Moreover, they have a reputation for being very good with guests, and the location is ideal for wedding photography.

      Personally, I have not been involved in many wedding photography sessions in the area. So the best person to talk to about the best wedding photography location is a wedding photographer.

      If you’ve done some investigation, you probably already know that the resorts usually host their own wedding photographer – or at least have exclusivity contracts with several wedding photographers. Consequently, if you want to bring in an outside photographer, you usually have to pay some sort of “vendors fee.”

      Despite this, many people still do. Thus, the wedding photographers in the area have shot a lot of weddings at the resorts. They are the people who know most about the resorts that provide the best photographic opportunities for wedding guests.

      If it were me, I would call at least one of them to find out their recommendations. Most of them are quite helpful as they see you as a potential customer.

      One of the wedding photographers that I have worked with in the past is Jasmine and Matt. They are a couple who have formed a photography team. What I like most about them is that they seem to care a lot about their clients. Not only do they keep in contact long before the wedding actually takes place, but if you look at their website you will see that they maintain relationships with their clients long after they have paid for their services.

      You can see a write up that I did about them on the following page:

      Jasmin and Matt Wedding Photographers

      The page includes their contact information, so I would not hesitate whatsoever to contact them.

      I hope this helps, Yali, and if you need anything else, please contact me….

      Lots of love,


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