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…Italian-style restaurants represent some of the best in Playa…

Before I moved to Playa Del Carmen I had some very stereotyped views of Italy.

All I knew was what I had learned from watching The Godfather and eating in Pizza Hut.

How was I supposed to know they weren’t all pizza-eating gangster fiends?

Actually, I once spent five weeks in Italy, but I was so broke at the time (a poor college student), that I hardly ate any of the food there.

When I did, it was the cheapest I could find and didn’t represent real Italian food very well.

In addition, my father is Italian-American, but he didn’t do much cooking.


The fact of the matter is that if you go to any city in the world, you will find at least a dozen restaurants who boldly claim to have the best pizza this side of Italy.

I’m always like Dude, how can you say that? You’ve never even left Chicago?

Since moving to Playa Del Carmen, I’ve actually met a whole bunch of Italians.

Part of Playa Del Carmen has been called “Little Italy, although I hesitate to use this name as it sounds a bit too 50’s gangster for me.

Map of the Best Italian Restaurants In Playa Del Carmen

Here is a map that will show you exactly how to get to all of the restaurants listed below. If you don’t feel like visiting them personally, you don’t have to. Just get Playa Del Carmen food delivery to any of them. It’s super cheap and fast.

Remember that you can zoom in and out of the map and move it around as necessary to find the right restaurant.

Keep this page open on your smartphone so that you don’t get lost!


The Best Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurants

There are dozens of Italian restaurants here, and like everywhere, they all make bold claims about authenticity.

I’ve eaten at several of them, although certainly not all of them.

There are just too many.

To help separate the good from the bad and the ugly, I’ve compiled a list of the best Playa Del Carmen Italian restaurants.

It’s based on taste, popularity, and having real Italian food (not just a load of deep pan pizzas).

I’ve also tried to offer a variety of dining experiences on this list.

So this isn’t just pizza places.

If you’re looking for good cheap pizza, then go to Mamma Mia Pizzeria (there are several of them around town.

If you want excellent Italian food try one of the following:

Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurant 1 – Como Como Osteria Mediterranea

So officially, this one is Mediterranean, but forget about the labels.

It’s located on 10th Ave between Calle 12 and 14.

The variety of fresh pasta keeps me coming back here, as does the cheap wine.

And the great terrace they have.

Apparently the head chef and owner is from Venice.

I wonder if everywhere in Venice makes such good beef fillet tartar or shrimp with mustard?

It’s also good for a fresh cappuccino in the morning.

Como Como Osteria Mediterranea Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: Most Servers Here Speak English

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 859-1646 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website:

✉️ Email:

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: 7 days a week, 7:00 AM – 11:30 PM

💰 Prices: Reasonable Prices For Location

📍 Location: 10th Avenue between 12th and 14th Streets

Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurant 2 – La Famiglia

Also on 10th Ave, this cheap restaurant is the one that wins my award for best pizza “this side of Italy.”

They don’t like shouting about it, so I’ll do it for them.

They’ve somehow made pizzas where every bite can taste different from the last.

How is that possible?

Make sure it’s washed down with one (or ten) of their cocktails.

Also, the buff guy you will see who likes to stand around at the entrance and greet guests is Pepe.

He’s Sicilian.

Pepe gives EXTREMELY LONG, adjective-filled descriptions about everything on the menu.

Imagine this:

“It is made from delicious, home-made pasta filled with a special cheese that comes from the southern tip of Italy,” said Pepe.

“The city is called Italkalot. That’s where I’m from. All of the ingredients were hand-picked from your chefs who also make an authentic / hand-made ravioli stuffed full of whatever fresh blah blah blah blah….,” Pepe continues.

(Pepe going on and on ad nauseum…still talking…..still talking…..I’m thinking, “I’m ready to order now,” but Pepe is still talking…..blah blah blah…..Pepe is going into “stream of conscious” talking now…..blah blah blah….)

My point? Don’t ask him too many questions or you’ll be sitting in your chair for 45 minutes learning about Italian food – before even ordering your first drink!

When Pepe reads this, he’s probably going to kill me, but I write it mostly in jest; Pepe is actually a pretty friendly guy.

La Famiglia Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: Pepe – Head Server – Speaks English Well

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 803-5350 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website: No Website…Grrrrrr…. In 2016???

✉️ Email:

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Tue – Sunday, 5:PM – 12:AM – NOT OPEN ON MONDAY!!!

💰 Prices: Pretty Good Prices – Especially For GIGANTIC Pizzas

📍 Location: Corner of 10th Ave and 10th Street

Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurant 3 – Don Chendo

A funky menu full of intriguing looking dishes make this restaurant a winner.

The Chicago-style pizzas are the signature dish, but everything here is good and has that “homemade” feel to it.

Every time I go here, I’m baffled by what to choose.

I must tell you that this restaurant is not on the main strip – Fifth or 10th Ave.

It is a 10 min. walk from the main tourist area, but well worth it, not just to eat at this restaurant, but to see parts of the city that some tourists completely overlook.

In fact, you may not even make it to Don Chendo’s!

You will see so many other local restaurants that you may get tempted by one of them and stop on your way for a snack!

Either way, I would recommend going to this restaurant – and also exploring the surrounding area.

NOTE: There is an amazing little market-style store that sells all kinds of organic foods very close to Don Chendo’s. The market/store has specialty food from other parts of the world that you’ll never find at Walmart or the other grocery stores here. It is called DAC.

Don Chendo Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: Ask For Russell – Owner

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 803-5950 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

📱 WhatsApp Delivery Number (Cell Phone): +52 (984) 213-2196 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website:

✉️ Email:

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Monday – Saturday, 3:PM – 11:PM – NOT OPEN ON SUNDAY!!!

💰 Prices: Prices are a bit high for the area, but the food is great.

📍 Location: 30th Ave between 24th & 26th Street

Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurant 4 – Cenacolo

A fine dining place at the end of 5th Avenue, Cenacolo certainly isn’t cheap.

However, the service is outstanding, and the food is kind of like the stuff you see on those Masterchef programs.

I’m talking about smallish portions, but with so much flavor in each mouthful, that your eyes go all dreamy.

They specialize in pasta and seafood.

So I wouldn’t recommend ordering anything other than seafood pasta.

Like lobster spaghetti.


Try it!

Cenacolo Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: Everybody Here Is Knowledgeable About Menu & Policies

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 139-6875 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website:

✉️ Email:

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Every Day, 5:PM – 11:30 PM

💰 Prices: Reasonable For Tourist Area

📍 Location: 5th Ave & 28th Street

Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurant 5 – Il Baretto

Middle of 5th Ave, open all day and most of the night, portions big enough to feed half of Mexico: There’s not much more I need to say about Il Baretto.

Go here when you’re hungry and / or you’re saving your money for beer.

There’s nothing special about the menu or the service, but Il Baretto doesn’t pretend to be fancy or even that authentic.

It just fills you up with top food.

Il Baretto Italian Restaurant Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: Talk To Host Standing On 5th Avenue OR Ask For A Manager

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 803-0257 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

🌎 Website: Another Restaurant Without a Website – Boo Hoo Hoo

✉️ Email:

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Every Day, 1:PM – 11:30PM

💰 Prices: Slightly Expensive, But EVERYTHING On 5th Ave Is More Expensive Than Elsewhere

📍 Location: 5th Avenue & 26th Street

Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurant 6 – Papacharly Pastas

This one is tucked away on 25th Ave (see map), and you have to really make an effort to find it.

It’s kind of how I would imagine a local restaurant in some little Italian village.

It features a quaint atmosphere, loads of bottles of wine, the smells of fresh bread, and an old Italian lady making sure everyone is okay.

Obviously I recommend the pasta.

But which pasta?

Hmmm, they’ve got pasta names that I’d never even heard of before.

Like most restaurants that are away from 5th and 10th Ave PapaCharly Pastas is also very cheap.

PapaCharly Pasta Factory Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: Everybody Here Is Friendly

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 Restaurant Landline Number: +52 (984) 147-0802 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE

📱 Charly’s Personal Number (Cell Phone): +52 (984) 108-6035 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE



👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Mon-Sat, 8:AM – 11:PM, CLOSED SUNDAYS

💰 Prices: Reasonable For Great Flavor

📍 Location: 25th Avenue & 30th Street

Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurant 7 – Titi Panini Pasta & Salad Bar




This is a good place for a filling and healthy lunchtime. It is on Calle 10.

The salad bar is beyond what you could ever imagine to find in Mexico, the vegan options make some of my girlfriends squeal in delight, and it’s always full of nice looking chicks.

Yummy. A great combination.

This is mainly a place that serves the kind of food that excites women (ultra-healthy stuff that keeps female butts from looking like a dumpy Kardashian ass).

Except for their burger panini, which gets my order every time.

Titi Panini Pasta & Salad Bar Phone Number / Contact Info / Etc:

👤 Contact Person: Anyone & Everyone

📞 Phone Number(s):

📱 MX Number: +52 (984) 803-1654 ✆ – CLICK TO CALL ON MOBILE


✉️ Email:

👥 Facebook:

⏰ Hours: Mon-Sat, 1:PM – 10:PM, CLOSED SUNDAYS

💰 Prices: Good For Healthy Food AND Elegantly Clean

📍 Location: 10th Street between 10th & 15th Avenue (SEE MAP)

More About Playa Del Carmen Italian Restaurants

There will always be more Italian restaurants opening in Playa Del Carmen.

And there will always be some great Italian restaurants that aren’t on this list.

Hopefully this list can guide you on a path to the best local Italian food.

There are also plenty of places to grab a slice of pizza when you’re drunk or hungover.

Pizza, pasta, cappuccino, panini, and wine: it was not originally indigenous to Playa Del Carmen, but it’s certainly found its place.

Bon appetit!

Wait, that’s French isn’t it.

What do they say in Italy for “have a good meal”?????

I will see you here soon…

Lots of love,


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