Playa Del Carmen Food Delivery

…when you can’t leave, but can’t stop the cravings either…

I woke up yesterday with the biggest hangover!

A friend of mine had come in from the states and we partied until 3 a.m.

Then we hit an after-bar house party until 5 a.m. I don’t remember how many names and numbers I collected or how many new “friends” I met.

However, I do know what a hangover feels like. And I knew one was coming on strong.

You know what it’s like. You wake up thirsty, hungry, and confused. Broken memories begin to emerge about the preceding night (many of which you’d rather forget). After a quick stop in the bathroom, your stomach leads you directly to the refrigerator.

There’s more beer in the fridge, but even the smell of beer invokes a subtle sense of abdominal nausea.

You grab some cold water–and then suddenly realize that you don’t have any food. This is when you know that it’s time for some–

Playa Del Carmen food delivery service!

You’re in luck, partner, because I’m going to teach you all about that today!

100’s Of Restaurants Deliver Food In Playa Del Carmen, Rufus! What Is The Problem?

True. There are a whole bunch of restaurants that deliver food in Playa del Carmen. However, there is one problem – Spanish! If you are reading this page right now, there is, statistically, about a 90% chance that you DON’T speak Spanish.

That means that when you call a restaurant to order food, all kinds of problems will likely ensue:

  • You are not going to know what the hell they are saying
  • They’re not going to understand you
  • Even if they do speak a little English, there’s a good chance they’ll make a mistake
  • You’re probably going to get a “Beer” delivered to your address, rather than the “Burger” that you actually ordered (not good for the hangover mentioned above)

That leaves you in quite a conundrum.

What if I told you that you could order from any major restaurant in Playa del Carmen, talk to a solid English speaker, and have the food delivered directly to your address–without ever dealing with the restaurant itself?

Would that be a good deal?

Fortunately, there are several companies in town that do EXACTLY that!!!

Who Delivers Food In Playa Del Carmen?

There are two companies that specialize in delivering food in Playa del Carmen. They both have similar characteristics:

  • Cheap Delivery Pricing
  • Work With A Large Number of Restaurants
  • English Speakers Always Available
  • Easy To Contact Options via Local Phone Number, WhatsApp, Skype, & Email

Both of them are good, but one has been around a little longer and works with a larger number of restaurants.

PlayaNow – PlayaNow is the older and more experienced of the two. They deliver to all of the immediate Playa Del Carmen area. Here is their contact info:

PlayitaExpress – This company is essentially a copycat of PlayaNow.It offers almost identical services, albeit with a lesser number of participating restaurants. Here is how to contact PlayitaExpress:

How Does Playa Del Carmen Food Delivery Work?

I was at first confused about how a third-party food delivery service works. Back in the states, a restaurant either delivers food or they don’t. If a restaurant does not deliver food, you never order delivery food from them.

The nice thing about working with a Playa del Carmen food delivery service is that they can deliver food to your door from restaurants that normally don’t deliver food at all!

Pretty convenient if you ask me!

This is how you order from both PlayaNow AND PlayitaExpress:

  1. Click On Either Link Above
  2. Choose Which Restaurant You Want To Order From
  3. Call, Skype, Text, WhatsApp, or Email PlayaNow/PlayitaExpress With The Restaurant Name, What You Want To Order, and Where It Should Be Delivered
  4. PlayaNow/PlayitaExpress Will Call The Restaurant, Order The Food, and Respond With A Price and Time Estimate
  5. Wait For Your Food Delivery
  6. Pay For The Food When It Arrives
  7. Eat Your Hangover Away!

It’s really that easy to get food from a hundred or so restaurant options around town.

How Much Does Playa Del Carmen Food Delivery Cost?

I know exactly what you’re thinking. “All this food delivery stuff sounds great, but how much is it going to cost?”

The best part about the two Playa Del Carmen food delivery services that I mentioned above is that they are both very cheap:

  • Entire Downtown Area – 29 MXN pesos ($1.62 USD @ 18 MXN = 1 USD exchange rate)
  • Areas Outside of Downtown – Distance-based sliding scale pricing based on neighborhood zones

Even if you live outside the downtown area, the delivery rates are still very cheap. Moreover, the delivery rates are based on a “per order” rate–not a per-item rate. Consequently, no matter how much you order, your delivery price is going to be the same.

So, go ahead and order 100 pizzas–pay $1.62 for the delivery of all of them. Just don’t send them to my address!

How Long Does It Take To Deliver Food In Playa Del Carmen?

The food delivery time for both PlayaNow and PlayitaExpress is comparable to what you would receive if you ordered from the restaurant themselves.

When the Playa Del Carmen food delivery companies call a restaurant, the restaurant tells them how long it will take for the order to be ready. In a perfect world, the PlayaNow / PlayitaExpress delivery driver is sent for pickup just in time to arrive when the food is done. Is that what always happens in the real world? Probably not. But regular restaurants that offer food delivery deal with the same issues.

A restaurant could give the delivery service a bad estimate regarding food preparation time. The delivery driver could be late. The driver could get in an accident on the way to your address. Anything could happen. But usually nothing does.

Both PlayaNow and PlayitaExpress have a reputation of being quick and punctual. They can maintain this reputation for several reasons:

  • The drivers pick up and deliver the food on motorcycles which are able to navigate traffic much faster than a full size car or SUV
  • Both companies have a lot of experience with timing and customer satisfaction
  • Because drivers make a significant part of their income from tips, they want to deliver quickly so that they can move on to the next delivery (and make more tips)
  • Both companies work with a great team of employees that do their best to make sure the customers are fully satisfied. Although the service-level may not be precisely up to par with comparable American services, they do a pretty darn good job.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry so much about the delivery time of your food. Simply be happy that you are having food delivered to your doorstep that otherwise would not.

Anything Else?

I always have a tendency to think that everything is better back home. However, in the case of Playa Del Carmen food delivery, this city has the my hometown beat. I’ve never seen a food delivery service that can bring food from any restaurant to any address in my city quickly and for a reasonable price.

I hope you enjoy ordering food as much as I do, and I hope that hangover quickly disappears!

Lots of love,


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